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CyanoGuard AG

CyanoGuard AG is a chemical technology company with innovative solutions for the detection of cyanide in water, food extracts and blood samples.

CyanoKit®, allows both trained and untrained users to test liquid samples using a sensor that changes colour upon the presence of cyanide. Our method is rapid, simple and eliminates the use of hazardous substances.

Equipped with the latest research, and with over six years of close collaboration with leading industry partners, CyanoGuard is committed to making cyanide visible. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our News

November 2017, Zurich
A Practical Framework to Improve the Management of Cyanide in Industrial Wastewaters", our latest article on Water Online
November 2017, Zurich
What's our view on cyanide and mining? Read all about it on our latest article in The New Economy Magazine
October 2017, Zurich
Exciting news for our team! CyanoGuard has entered the exclusive list of innovative SMEs selected for funding within Horizon 2020
October 2017, Zurich
Fresh from the oven! "A fresh view on cyanide management" just came out.Read it in the historical magazine Galvanotecnica, a guide for the Italian plating industry
August 2017, Zurich
Meet CyanoGuard this October at the 2017 Surface Engineering and Heat Treatment Industry Conference organised by the Engineering Association (SEA) in Kenilworth
June 2017, Zurich
CyanoGuard becomes a member of scienceindustries Switzerland
June 2017, Zurich
CyanoGuard is one of the six 'Future Leading Companies on Stage' at the SCS Fall Meeting 2017 on August 21st in Bern, Switzerland
April 2017, Zurich
CyanoGuard is one of the ten start-up finalists of the 2017 W.A. de Vigier Award
February 2017, Zurich
CyanoGuard is shortlisted for the 2017 W.A. de Vigier Award
December 2016, Zurich
CyanoGuard receives a CHF 100,000 interest free loan from the Swiss Federal Foundation for Promotion of the National Economy through Scientific Research
28 July 2016, Zurich
CyanoGuard enters the Hello Tomorrow Top 500 Worldwide list and is invited to attend the global Hello Tomorrow Summit in Paris in October 2016
20 June 2016, London
CyanoGuard wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry prize