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June 1, 2022

CyanoSmart update – New temperature compensation

Mines around the world use our CyanoSmart device to measure free cyanide concentrations in a sample. In essence, our device performs a spectrometric analysis on our chemical sensor.

When cyanide reacts with our chemical sensor, its color changes from orange to purple. Using a high-resolution camera sensor, our device measures accurately the change which produces a concentration value.

Our Hardware team discovered that by compensating for environmental temperature changes we can further increase our device’s accuracy.  

After a few months of development, they have been able to reduce the device’s measurement error to 0.3% by developing a temperature compensation algorithm.  

Why is this important for your operations?

Our device now delivers even more accurate measurement results because of the very low error levels. This new feature empowers mines to more reliable and accurate cyanide monitoring and control.  

We are glad to be able to share this important technology update. We are committed to ensure that this analysis stays the best technology on the market, having a much higher resistance to commonly interfering substances like copper, chloride, zinc, thiocyanate, and thiosulphate.  

If you would like to get more information on how our solution works, book an exploratory call with one of our mining solutions experts.

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