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April 14, 2021

Digital Transformation in Mining

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

For thousands of years, mining has provided us with the raw materials we need to develop economies and build communities. Everything we depend on today is either made from minerals or relies on minerals for its production and distribution. However, the mining industry is entering a new era: digital transformation. In general, the mining industry is beyond many other sectors in terms of digitalization. So, the pace of adopting new technology is critical to gain a competitive advantage. The modern miner is witness to the digitalization of mining, enabling and improving processes by leveraging digital technologies and digitized data. With a digital mine, operations become interconnected to technologies that enhance safety, productivity, and efficiency throughout the supply chain in mining.  

Mine Location Intelligence

Leveraging technology that offers more intelligence on a mine’s location and the work being done allows for more transparent ways of working and increased productivity. The right technology also optimizes the potential for remote working, which has been the latest buzzword given the COVID-19 situation. With CyanoGuard’s Cyano.IO, our GPS tracker allows you to see the exact location of a sample and get instant results to achieve operational and financial benefits – from anywhere in the world. Thus, it allows better insights into a mine and offers employees the flexibility and freedom of remote work.  

Give Miners 100% Secure Access Control

By having real-time information, miners onsite can have 100% secure access control, which allows them to better react and empower their decision-making in a shorter time. With proper monitoring and analysis services, you can ensure a reduction in costs and your environmental footprint. When it comes to optimizing cyanide consumption and lowering detox reagents, making informed and quick decisions is crucial.  

Swift Responses Can Be Resolved Remotely

Having access to data anytime allows all key stakeholders to make empowered decisions. With more and more companies and employees working remotely, centralizing existing process control systems ensures swift responses can be resolved remotely, such as optimizing cyanide concentrations and consumption levels in gold mining. An additional benefit of Cyano.IO is our alert system, which can notify users if cyanide concentration limits go above or below the user's desired levels. Alerts can be made in the form of e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS, or even a phone call – whichever suits your needs best. You can also predefine the list of employees who should receive it in the notification in our platform settings.  

Intelligent Scenario Forecasting

With CyanoGuard’s Cyano.IO, you can track and analyze cyanide concentrations, as well as gold recoveries which can be integrated into existing control systems (SCADA). Besides, and other data streams can be integrated or uploaded to our platform by demand. You can then better measure and assess varying cyanide consumption levels, hold more employees accountable, and achieve better transparency and compliance with responsible mining standards. Rather than being reactive, you can use intelligent scenario forecasting to be proactive in resolving problems as efficiently and effectively as possible.  


It’s estimated that mine digitalization could save USD$373 billion by 2025 – raising productivity, reducing waste, and keeping mines safe. Digitalization impacts industries of all shapes and sizes and offers higher returns on investment and a more sustainable future. If you’d like to make the shift to a more digitalized process when it comes to cyanide monitoring and optimization, then contact us today.  

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