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November 12, 2020

Driving Leaching Efficiency with IoT Solutions

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What are IoT solutions?

Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions mostly refer to physical devices that are connected to the internet, thereby facilitating the collection and sharing of data. The use of IoT technologies in mining provides data insights that can boost mining throughput, reduce operational costs while minimizing the risks and environmental impact related to mining.

What challenges can IoT solutions address, particularly in cyanide leaching processes?

IoT solutions can help to solve challenges across three main performance dimensions:

• Productivity & cost efficiency

• Mine safety

• Environmental footprint

How can CyanoGuard’s IoT solution address challenges in cyanide leaching processes?

CyanoGuard’s next-generation cyanide monitoring solution consists of three components: (1) Single-use cartridges, (2) IoT handheld devices and (3) cloud-based platform, which work hand-in-hand to address the challenges in cyanide leaching. In the following, we elaborate on how our solution brings about benefits in increased productivity and cost efficiency, better mine safety and lower environmental footprint.

Productivity and cost efficiency

• Standardize all cyanide measurements: Our solution reduces failed measurements, human error, manual data entry and therefore significantly improves mining productivity when compared to other existing solutions in the market.

• Provide real-time results and continuous monitoring: The handheld device allows operators to make measurement anytime, anywhere and get instant results, all while measurement data is transmitted in real-time directly  to the cloud platform.

• Streamline workflow and improve productivity: Operators can make measurements at different points of the leaching process simultaneously, allowing mine managers and metallurgists to review the cyanide levels and data remotely.

• Reduce operational overhead: Our plug-and-play solution is easy and economical to implement. Improved productivity helps overcome workforce constraints.

Mine safety

• Trigger alerts and notifications for anomalies: Operators can define cyanide level limits in the cloud platform and be informed about anomalies immediately over SMS, WhatsApp or emails. The alerts enable to implement corrective action faster and prevent an incident from escalating or worsening in the first place.

• Improve overall mine safety with data traceability: Our solution offers end-to-end granular traceability which let mining companies pinpoint the exact location of problematic areas or equipment defects along the leaching process.

Environmental footprint

• Process optimisation with advanced analytics: With the help of advance analytics, mines can efficiently reduce cyanide consumption, detox reagent cost while improving throughput.

• Data visibility for ESG and compliance reporting: With increasing pressure to fullfill sustainability standards and reporting demands from investors, data visibility on cyanide consumption is key to reporting. As cyanidation is a high carbon emission process, efficient cyanide use and management allow mining companies to show their commitment to responsible mining standards.

> To find out how you can improve productivity and drive cost savings for your mine, check in with us about theoptimisation project you are working on now.

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