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November 26, 2020

How to Take Advantage of the Latest Trends to Accelerate Digital Transformation and Improve Your Cyanide Monitoring Process

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Common thoughts on digitization are that new technologies require capital investment. Companies amortize this investment over a few years, and from time to time incur some expenses to maintain, repair or upgrade the equipment or the infrastructure. Poor initial decisions on new technologies can be costly, more so when the new solution failed to deliver what it promised.  

Times have changed. With the emergence of cloud computing and the tremendous development in mobile applications, many new technologies and solutions no longer require a large amount of capital investment. Cloud-based solutions are now the norm. That means, companies no longer need to invest in infrastructure to keep their equipment or solutions running, as long as the devices are connected to the internet. Providers are also increasingly moving into a subscription-based model, allowing companies to try out the technology first, before committing to anything.  

We have therefore laid out three key trends in the digital sphere that is accelerating the adoption of new technologies and how CyanoGuard’s novel solution offers the benefits for mining companies to improve cyanide monitoring, in line with these digital trends.

Rise of mobile and Internet-of-thing (IoT) plug-and-play solutions

CyanoGuard’s handheld devices can be shipped within a week and are ready-to-use upon delivery. Onboarding and training of operators only require 15 minutes per operator. Cyanide results are available in real-time, and the data is automatically transmitted to our cloud-based platform. Off-site consultants, managers or specialists can access this data anytime and from anywhere, encouraging more remote collaboration and better workflow processes.  

A shift towards subscription-based pricing models with trial periods

Unlike online automatic analyzers which are costly to install and maintain, our solution does not require any initial capital investments. Companies also have the opportunity to try out our technology through our pilot program.  After the trial period, mining companies can continue to use the solution on a rental basis with a monthly fee. The monthly fee pricing model also means full access to the latest technology and free replacement warranty for handheld devices.  

Gearing towards non-disruptive and scalable designs

Our technology can be used independently as a stand-alone solution or to complement existing cyanide monitoring systems. It is simple to implement and do not cause any interruptions to operations. Once it is working on a smaller-scale level, managers can decide to expand cyanide monitoring to more points along the leaching process, without much additional cost considerations.  

> Find out how you can leverage these current digital trends and enjoy the benefits of our novel technology through our pilot program.

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