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June 29, 2022

How to use Data Analytics to improve your decision making in the mining industry

Data is the most valuable asset in todays’ world. It is not an issue to collect data, but rather to read it and use it optimally.

Many established companies are transforming their traditional approach into a digital one.

By adopting digital transformation and big data analytics businesses can expect to push business operations in a new direction.

The usage of digital industrial strategies and tools can help companies detect meaningful patterns in collected data and set up KPIs to guide their focus.

How can we use Data Analytics?

We can use Data Analytics to improve plant operations. Using insights provided by technologies can improve data reliability, reduce operating costs, reduce work hazards and enhance operational performance.

1. Take data from multiple sources and delete the patterns

2. Convert raw data into new meaningful data

3. Visually show data trajectory

4. Detect issues before they occur or improve the current process

5. Use reports to drive decisions with data

You can use data analytics to bring advantages to your business and improve your decision-making. But if data is not implemented and read correctly, it will have the opposite effect.

Therefore, you must make sure to train your employees or hire an expert to get the most out of your data. Trained employees that knowhow to read data are much better equipped to push their ideas. They now have data that supports their decisions. Data also helps to steer company growth, develops predictive maintenance and optimizes costs.

How to use CyanoGuards’ online platform to get the most out of your data?

Cyano.IO is a platform that collects your cyanide measurements from various locations in real time and allows you to monitor readings from anywhere.

How does our platform work?

Our best-on-the-market chemosensor detects the level of cyanide in the sample. Once you have measured the cyanide level with our device, data will be automatically transferred to the Cyano.IO platform. On the Cyano.IO platform, you can read the data in real-time, and you will get an automatic notification in case measurements are too low or too high. 

What are the benefits of using our platform?

1. Visualize cyanide data anytime and make timely, data-backed decisions on cyanide concentration and consumption with full traceability.

2. Optimize operations and boost financial benefits by timely using the data to optimize your cyanide levels.

3. Reduce your environmental footprint by reducing the usage of cyanide and detox reagents.

4. Share relevant cyanide data with stakeholders.

5. Enhance transparency and ESG credentials.

6. Share relevant cyanide data levels in wastewaters and improve your relationship with local communities.

7. Achieve better transparency and competence with responsible mining standards.

8. Integrate Cyano.IO with other process control platforms and export data into different file formats.

The benefits of digital transformation and data analytics for your mine are virtually endless. As always, change is hard, and often people are not comfortable with transforming the traditional way of doing things. The silver nitrate titration method has been around for centuries, and many mines feel more comfortable doing things as they used to be. 

Our solution is most reliable. Our chemosensor is resistant to commonly interfering substances like copper, chloride, zinc, thiocyanate, and thiosulphate. Therefore, most operators start to see different results when measured with our technology. That doesn’t mean you have been doing your measurements wrong; it just means that the technology has changed, and the details more accurate.

Our solution will help you to digitalize your mine, act in real time on data readings, and increase your transparency.

Are you ready to use data analytics and make your mine digital?

Talk to our Mining Solution Experts to see how leveraging the right data at the right time will empower you to make value-based decisions with no surprises.

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