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September 16, 2022

Launching CyanoGuard’s WAD Cyanide measurement!

Our team has been spending a lot of time in the lab to make sure to deliver the most accurate results when measuring cyanide. 🚀

We want to share with you our excitement about a breakthrough in our technology development. Our team has found a novel and better way to measure WAD specifically.

Let’s clear out the terminology first:

Free cyanide is cyanide not bound in any ion association or complex. Free cyanide can be determined after a separation step such as solvent extraction, gas dialysis, micro diffusion, pervaporation (Sulistyarti et al. 1999), or distillation. The concentration of free cyanide in a solution depends on the pH and the presence and concentration of other metal cations in the solution capable of forming cyanide complexes.
Weak acid dissociable cyanide (WAD) is a term used for cyanide that can be determined as free cyanide after a decomposition distillation with a buffer at pH 4.

Our current measurement method focused on quantifying free cyanide, but with our new method, we can now target WAD cyanide specifically.

Why does the mining industry need to measure WAD cyanide?

To optimize cyanide process control mines, measure free cyanide. To verify environmental compliance and safety mines also need to monitor WAD cyanide.

By measuring WAD cyanide mines can make sure that the water released in the environment is safe and free from any harmful toxins. Also, for Cyanide Code compliant mines, monitoring WAD cyanide in tailings is a key requirement.

We want to help mining sites improve their ESG score and make sure to comply with the environmental regulations and all the best practices as laid out in the Cyanide Code.

CyanoGuard measures WAD Cyanide 10x faster than the reference method “The Picric Acid Method for Determining Weak Acid Dissociable (WAD) Cyanide”.  

Our method is safer than the Picric Acid Method. Picric acid is explosive and challenging to store and procure. Measuring WAD cyanide is as easy as proven method for free cyanide. You can find more details about our current method here:  

If you would like to learn more about how CyanoGuard helps you measure WAD cyanide, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask our experts for more in-depth information.

The availability of the new method is currently limited to existing clients. If you are a new client and you’re interested in our WAD method, talk to Margarita or Luis.

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