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June 1, 2022

Onboarding Inmaculada

CyanoGuard is reaching new heights - at the HOCHSCHILD Inmaculada mine in Peru!  

Our Livio had the opportunity to visit and onboard the Inmaculada mine in Peru, located at over 5000m above sea level.

Livio has demonstrated our solution and did an extensive cyanide monitoring training session with metallurgists at the mine site.

Proper training is key to ensuring operators and metallurgists get the most benefit out of our solution.

As part of our standard onboarding procedure, they compared their current silver nitrate titration method with ours. The Inmaculada team has been most impressed by the fact that our solution has a higher resistance to commonly occurring, but interfering substances like copper, chloride, zinc, thiocyanate, and thiosulphate.

Our technology is able to produce much more accurate results compared to the silver nitrate method, which is very susceptible to interferences.

Livio had the opportunity to meet an amazing team at the Inmaculada mine, see some of the most stunning sceneries ever, and the possibility to enjoy some pleasant time with Alpacas. ☺️

We thank the Inmaculada mine crew for their warm welcome!

Saludos de Suiza!

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