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July 2, 2020

Opportunity for Rethinking and Resetting in the Time of COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on gold mining

Half of 2020 has passed – An extraordinary year where an unexpected pandemic has impacted almost every market and industry. And mining is no exception. Some mine operations were impacted through government-mandated shutdowns like in South Africa and Peru, while others are operating at a cautious rate. Not only are production expectations under pressure, some gold mining companies are forced to review process structures and implement performance-oriented solutions.  

Challenges in digital transformation

While the sector has long been discussing about digital transformation before the COVID-19 crisis, the hype can be daunting for any mining manager who needs to routinely make critical decisions on operations, while ensuring that obligations such as production targets and safety are met. Let alone implement a solution that is likely to disrupt operations and might create more problems than it was meant to solve. Yet the crisis offers an opportunity to rethink and reset operating models that can address both near-term and long-term challenges. With gold prices reaching new highs, mine operators may have found the booster to push forth necessary reform that can accelerate the sector into “innovative mine of the future”.  

Challenges in cyanidation of gold

Cyanidation of gold has long been known as a delicate and challenging process. Under-delivery of cyanide means, on the one hand, mines are losing gold to tailings. Yet, on the other hand, over-delivery is costly and hard to manage. Measuring cyanide using conventional methods like manual titration is often prone to errors, making it tedious to find the right level of cyanide. To this day, cyanide monitoring remains a somewhat manual procedure.

CyanoGuard offers a stepwise approach to digitally transform how you manage cyanide

CyanoGuard cyanide monitoring kit.

• Our technology is based on an award-winning, patented innovation that offers unparalleled speed, reliability and accuracy in the detection of free cyanide.

• Our current pilot program provides the opportunity to try out the solution with no interruptions to existing operations and requires no capital expenditure.

• All measured data is instantly available in real-time on our cloud platform where you have total control and traceability on cyanide levels in all of your sampling locations.

• Our proprietary AI-based algorithm in our CyanoSmart handheld device assures auto-calibration, adjustment for sensor drift and recognition of measurement errors, which means there is no need for costly or labour-intensive maintenance.  

• Nothing is gone to waste – you can return the single-use test cartridges for recycling. Our handheld devices are provided on a rental basis for a monthly fee, meaning you have access to the latest and always up-to-date technology, including a replacement warranty. With CyanoGuard, you never again have to worry about repairs, maintenance, spare parts or downtime and focus on what you do best: Mining gold.

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