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May 20, 2021

Positioning for a Post-Pandemic World in the Mining Industry

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Global economic activity is poised to make a comeback from the pandemic, with UBS believing that GDP for the US, Eurozone, and China will be even higher in 2022 than in 2019. This rapid growth is mainly since COVID-19 supercharged transformations to drive automation and digitization. This shift is valid for industries of all shapes and sizes, and the mining industry is no exception. But just how can we ensure the mining industry becomes a leader in digital transformation? We’ve got a few answers.  

Establish a Technology Foundation

We’re living in an age of digital disruption. Not only is technology rapidly changing, but so too is the way that businesses operate and interact with customers. To beat out the competition, established companies must work at the same kind of speed. Established companies in nearly every industry are racing to digitize their business models, product and service offerings, as well as the business processes that support them. If you want to survive and thrive in the digital environment, business will and the proper digital technology foundation are essential. Ideally, you want to create a foundation that facilitates the deployment to connect and automate reliably at scale. This includes wireless site infrastructure to support automation, site communication, and advanced analytics.  

Automate Processes to Enhance Efficiency

Be sure to accelerate and scale autonomy programs within the organization. After all, one of the most practical applications of data science and machine learning to businesses is process automation. Even if you believe that your current setup is working “well enough,” continuing manual work can slow down a company and even innovation. Instead, gain a competitive advantage by automating your processes. You’ll be able to get things done faster and cheaper. This is because computers can perform thousands of operations a second and analyze large amounts of data quickly, which can help you reach a quicker and more precise decision on a complex issue. You’ll be able to increase accuracy and reduce errors. Automating a process can also help increase the consistency with which it is executed. You’ll be able to enforce data-driven decision-making rather than going off of a gut feeling. Automation protects your business from opportunistic, “from-the-gut” decision-making and replaces it with informed decisions that result from an analysis of how the company operates. Lastly, it helps promote employee development by freeing employees from tedious work and focusing on more uniquely human tasks. This could result in an innovation platform to enable advanced analytics to drive improvements and predictive maintenance.  

Connect Disparate Systems for Better Collaboration

Connecting data between different systems using APIs or system-level connections is an integral part of any digital transformation. Often, companies can’t find a one-size-fits-all solution, so they handpick various systems to work with. Unfortunately, suppose you’re not connecting these systems. In that case, you could be experiencing many issues, so that’s why it’s essential to find the proper integration tools to leverage your data. By doing so, you’ll be able to get consistency since data integration includes autonomous interactions which by nature, are programmable, repeatable, and reliable. You’ll gain direct access to controlling what data are seen or referenced. You’ll also gain flexibility and scalability since data integrations don’t typically break with schema and other data structure changes, and you can instead leverage dedicated systems to perform more intensive or specialized tasks.  

How CyanoGuard Brings You into the Digital World

With Cyano.iO, you’re able to have an online cyanide management platform that makes the cyanide monitoring process completely digitized and offers seamless integration with other process control platforms. You gain full traceability, control, and optimization of cyanide consumption to help make empowered decisions. In a post-pandemic world, those who aren’t quick to transition into more digital processes will be left behind. Let’s help you measure earlier, faster, and have high-fidelity data examples for cyanide consumption. We also offer rapid integration of new data insights to provide timely input for production activities.


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