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August 20, 2020

The Alternative to Automated Online Analyzers for Cyanide Monitoring

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Automated online analyzers were first commercially installed at the end of the 1980s. While some utilize the principle similar to spectrophotometry, recent technologies are commonly based on the potentiometric endpoint using silver nitrate titration.

This equipment solved numerous problems associated with silver nitrate titration, such as the difficulties with sampling and human bias or errors due to the lack of standardized sampling procedures. It offers a faster time to result and better reliability than silver nitrate titration. For once, mines can enjoy real-time cyanide control and eliminate the problems associated with manual titration.

However, the financial advantage of installing an online cyanide analyzer is not usually attractive as they are often massive in size and requires specialized expertise for installation, calibration and maintenance. Proper calibration and frequent maintenance are crucial when using automated online analyzers to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. It requires dedicated resources and expertise. As such, the resulting downtime is significant and costly to operations. Additionally, there are circumstances where the setup or ore composition are not suitable for the installation of automated online analyzers. Such incompatibility make the investment and installation of such equipment uneconomical and risky. Many operators are often forced to turn back to traditional methods like silver nitrate titration given the lack of alternatives.

CyanoGuard as the alternative to automated online analyzers for continuous, real-time cyanide monitoring

The key differentiating factor of CyanoGuard’s solution compared to automated online analyzer is the reliability our device which requires no downtime for calibration and maintenance. Our solution eliminates the disadvantages and challenges presented by silver nitrate titration. It offers plug-and-play simplicity and cloud capabilities which are not available in commercial automated online analyzers. All measured data points (cyanide level, time and date of measurement, GPS locations and user ID) are transmitted and secured real-time in an AI-based cloud platform. Check out the comparison table here.

Manual cyanide titration vs. online analyzers vs. CyanoGuard

Additionally, CyanoGuard’s solution also improves collaboration, workflow and efficiency:

• Mine operators are able to work individually and independently to collect measurements anytime and anywhere.

• Managers receive real-time updates and overview on cyanide levels remotely.

• Off-site metallurgists or engineers are granted access to review the data and consult different mines remotely and concurrently.

Effective cyanide monitoring helps to reduce cyanide consumption and costs by 15% and the reduction in the use of detox reagent by 20%. Mining operators will see instant improvements such as lower water and energy consumption, higher transparency and traceability in cyanide data, better workflow efficiency and gold recovery rates. These benefits not only help mines save cost and increase profitability, but also support meeting responsible mining standards as laid out by the Cyanide Code. Overall, better ESG credentials and credibility helps attract capital investment for future gold mining projects.

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