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July 23, 2020

Three Essential Steps in Deciding on New Technology for Cyanide Monitoring

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Every new technology purchase needs a proper assessment as to whether the investment will meet both current and future business needs. Proper planning right from the start can help avoid expensive mistakes and frustrated teams. Here are three essential steps when deciding on the right cyanide monitoring solution that is suitable for your company.

1. Review your current workflow

The first step includes meeting employees and getting feedback on existing processes. Have an understanding of their current challenges and what are the tasks to overcome these bottlenecks. Get a feeling of what their ideal workflow scenario looks like, and their aspirations on how they foresee the workflow and technology requirements to evolve as the business environment changes or as the company grows.

2. Compare existing options and alternative

Gather research on the technologies available in the market. Compare the options on various dimensions such as product features, user interactions, cost and pricing model, support and training, and future upgrades. To help the user have a comprehension of existing technologies surrounding cyanide monitoring, we have laid out and compared traditional cyanide measuring methods and CyanoGuard’s next-generation cyanide monitoring solution in the table below.‍

Manual titration vs. online analyzers vs. CyanoGuard

3. Assess your budget and resources

When deciding on a new technological purchase, understand that resources are not purely limited to a one-time money payment, but also the time needed to implement the technology, employee training, licensing, maintenance and support, and potential cost savings. To assist mining operators in making a better-informed decision and gather management buy-in, we developed a financial value calculator to give a rough estimate of the total direct financial benefit from the effective controlling of the cyanide monitoring process.

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