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September 5, 2022

Trip to Parcoy – Peru

Gerardo visited CMH mine - Parcoy plant. This is a very interesting area, which is popular for its gold and silver reserves since the times of the Incas.

At the Parcoy plant, Gerardo had an opportunity to meet Raúl Sullca.

He showed him how the plant’s operations are organized and discussed with Gerardo how they can get the maximum benefits from using our innovative technology.

Gerardo did a product demonstration and training with the head metallurgists and operators and was glad to share the benefits of our currently best-on-the-market technology. Our sensor is less prone to interferences and being it transfers data to a digital platform it allows you to have better control of your cyanide consumption and avoid peaks.

We thank CMH mine and Parcoy for their hospitality!

P.S. Gerardo is looking forward to his next visit to the mine site, with very friendly people and amazing food!

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